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Whether it be seawall construction, repair, restoration or maintenance – Caribbean Marine Construction does it all!


Do you need a new piling for your dock or need a piling repaired?

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If you need a new boat lift or your existing boat lift repaired, Caribbean Marine Construction can help!

Environmental Statement

Environmentally Friendly Marine Construction It is the mission of Caribbean Marine Construction. We proudly provide eco-friendly marine construction services to all of our clients. We strongly advocate the use of installation techniques that provide minimal or no impact to the environment and complete every job with respect to the surrounding landscape and marine wildlife.

Our mission includes the use of recycled and special composites, which will not deteriorate or bleed into the surrounding environment. Adherence to this mission enables us to protect the shoreline, shield the environment and consistently abide by federal, state and local environmental protection guidelines.

  • We aim to defend against beach erosion, protect natural habitats and remain a leader in the use and installation of environmentally friendly marine construction services.
  • We encourage the installation of vinyl seawalls over conventional materials for increased longevity and environmental protection.
  • Whenever possible, we use non-metal parts, recycled products, and alternate materials.
  • We encourage the use of stainless steel/aluminum/hot dipped galvanized boat lifts that have no metal parts in contact with the water.
  • We promote ½” spacing between all deck boards to insure sunlight will radiate through to underwater growth communities.
  • We work with federal, state and local permitting agencies to ensure all work is in accordance with the strict environmental rules and regulations that govern the marine construction industry.
  • We advocate the use of PVC pole liners to limit the potential for leaching treatment compounds into the surrounding waters. Pole liners also reduce the likelihood that wood borers will attach to the poles and destroy them.
  • We deploy turbidity curtains when disturbances are created while jetting.
  • We believe that being environmentally friendly is everyone’s responsibility!

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Caribbean Marine Construction is a South Florida based family business with over 5 years of experience in the marine construction field, specializing in marine construction including seawall construction, repair, restoration and maintenance, piling installation, replacement & repair, deck & dock construction/repair and boat lift construction/repair. Our goal is to provide high quality in a timely manner along with amazing customer service for a competitive price. The Caribbean Marine Construction team works hard to provide the best customer experience and total satisfaction from start to finish.